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by beGloss

5 x 3 x 3 inches

The pharmaceutical TALCUM POWDER is the ideal dressing aid for those wanting something other than silicone. It protects and prevents sticking of rubber & latex garments.

Lightly apply the high quality powder on or in rubber & latex garments therefore making it easier getting dressed. The powder offers a smooth sliding film on the skin.

The 100% non-industrial pharmaceuticalbeGLOSS TALCUM POWDERis perfect for the handling and storage of latex garments.

Slipping into rubber & latex garments is made comfortable as well as protects from premature wear and tear, even during longer periods of storage.

beGLOSS TALCUM POWDERhas a double sealed lid; this prevents moisture from entering and protects from drying out.

120 grams

Slip into rubber & latex garments fast and easy - Ideal for the storage of rubber & latex garments. - Protects from premature wear and tear - 100% Pharmaceutical Talcum Powder (non industrial Talcum) - Anti-static effect, Ingredient: 100% Pharmaceutical Talcum Powder