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Bad Kitty Spreader String

by Orion

Length: 61 cm Diameter: 1 cm

It's like putting on a G-string: the labia spreader with vibration!
The clamps are attached to the labia to spread them and expose the clitoris. With the screws the intensity of the clamps can be varied from soft to hard... The string also has a small vibrator that is attached to the stimulating pearls for the clitoris. A battery is included.

Get it now and enjoy this multifunctional pleasurable toy!

Waistband circumference 61 cm, can stretch to approx. 177 cm. Length of each clamp strap 11 cm (can be adjusted), row of pearls 8.5 cm long. Complete length of the vibrator 8.6 cm, Ø 1.8-2.1 cm. PET, polyamide, elastane, iron, ABS, silicone, PC plastic, carbon steel, acrylic.

Width: 11 cm Height: 6 cm Length: 14.5 cm